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Canada will spend 9 Billion dollars to inflate to 30 Billion Dollars on New Prisons...

So How Do You Plea?


Imprisoning Canadian Citizens, ruining lives, tearing children from their parents, wrecking family's...basically destroying all of us since 1867. Let us say, "Thank you Authority", whoever you are. Because the real truth is our elected leaders work for a small group of Elite Family's (whoever they are) NOT US. Now the psychopaths running this show would like to support "Corrections Corp", or company's like it, thereby bleeding more of your money, so some guys brother in Parliament can take it , construct more prisons and Rule us with Fear and Psychological Torture. THIS IS WHAT PRISONS ARE, A PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE CHAMBER. The coolest thing about them is they sometimes leave no marks on the body (other than tattoos), so it's really not torture since the body isn't showing any physical signs of abuse. Of course it is torture, just ask any psychologist if this is a healthy thing to do to a human being. Perhaps Doctors and Psychologists Should be given the right to punish with methods of prison, as a deterrent to certain behaviors that our "Elite Elected Officials" feel is annoying or threatening to them?

This is Not about Justice, Safety, Freedom or Moms Apple Pie, it is about Money, Greed and Controlling the people you Love plane and simple with Fear and Punishment. So Don't ask what your Country can do for You...Ask how You can Live without Authority! The video Below shows one of the Elite's Drone's sent to PUNISH US EVEN MORE in to Submission. Never mind the fact that many Canadian Consumers Cannot afford Car Insurance so they are FORCED to drive without it., thereby creating some of the non-reported crime the video below talks about ...These Poor people (many Altruists) are such "EVIL LAW BREAKERS" (Watch the Video below). Basically the system is forcing it's lower class population into crime. Quote: No one can be perfectly free till all are free; no one can be perfectly moral till all are moral; no one can be perfectly happy till all are happy. - Herbert Spencer

I am a psychic I saw massive arrests in Canada for sex crimes in a vision over the summer of 2011, I saw many men Innocent of the acts they were accused of being inprisoned. The Police said they needed more money as there was an Epedimic of sex crimes and we NEED MORE PRISONS TO KEEP US SAFE!

In order to gain public support for the construction of psychological torture chambers, it is speculated that the Authority’s will be performing mass sweeps on users on the internet downloading horrific child pornography. Authority's on a constant basis monitor Google for child porn and other dangerous unhealthy behaviour, they then get the sites blocked in minuets if not seconds. For years people have been using Google as a filter to prevent them from seeing Child Pornography. It is speculated that the Authority's have set up their own servers and have recently taken the Breaks off of Google. People that never would ever have visited child porn sites have been fooled into thinking the site was safe and that it wasn't child pornography, most avoided the sites but the IP address were recorded.

It is Speculated that most of these men ARE NOT Pediophiles! It is Speculated that this is just a tatic to gain public support to construct more prisons and greater control of the internet.

It is speculated that this plan was put into place by the Authority’s months back as a red herring to frighten the public that there is a epidemic of paedophiles, (which there is NOT), when there in fact is not. It is speculated that they set up computer servers not being blocked by Google with questionable images on these servers. They essentially took the breaks off of Google and began logging IP Addresses of people surfing porn directing them to Authority driven servers with questionable images. If the speculation is correct this is the most evil form of entrapment ever devised, its main strategy is believed that people will not defend paedophiles and that it will help the authority's get the Prisons they need to Torture these Evil Bad People. But Prisons aren't torture, prisons are an easy ride, so most people are lead to believe, the simple fact is Prisons are a means of the Elite psychologically torturing a human being till the human Breaks and becomes so mentally ill, they need psychological help, keeping you and your slave children in line to the Elite.

Prisons are an out dated, twisted and sick method used to forcing Consumers, NOT CITIZENS, into controlling behavior, via means of psychological torture, potential rape and viscous beatings. Hearing your child cry because he or she can't see you for another month is what I would call Torture, and Child Abuse and Neglect from the uncaring System :) Corrections Corp (The wiki link to the left was written most probably by a Correction Corps PR Company), Corrections Corp is a multi-billion dollar industry run by our Elite to keep the Poorer and Middle class in Line...So are you "Rich and Innocent or Poor and Guilty?" Are you Rich enough to have a Retainer Fee or are you a Poor Tax Evader, are you a Rich and Suffering Drug Addict or a Poor Drug Dealer, are you a Rich Kleptomaniac or a Poor Thief? The separation from Elite and Poor is getting more and more transparent, as more and more highly educated people through no fault of their own slip through the new economic cracks and wake up in poverty. Why do you think the Elite Elected Officials are spending 9 Billion Tax dollars, which we all know equates to at least 30 Billion Tax Dollars for building Prisons in Canada? So once again... "HOW DO YOU PLEA, RICH AND INNOCENT OR POOR AND GUILTY?", oh yea, and don't drop the soap :)

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