Iterational Awareness (Fractal?)

First there is 1 Dimensional Awareness, (1DA) is (Experience).  Existing in the x axis (Living in the moment being in the now, no past, no future, where you want to be in many cases, it is a good state of awareness there is only the now, the present - a blood cell perhaps or a bug, mindfulness, a good friend mentioned mindfulness to me.

- Is 1DA experienced as the "Present?" - "Awareness" 

Then the next level is 2 Dimensional Awareness, (2DA) is (Consciousnesses).  Awareness of Awareness, existing in the  x,y axis, (RenĂ© Descartes - cogito ergo sum - I think therefore I am).  We are separate or separated from each other, Self - Ego, not Freud's Ego. 

- Is 2DA Experienced as the "Past and the Present?" - Self - Ego?

Then 3 Dimensional Awareness, (3DA) is (Oneness).  Awareness of Awareness of Awareness, existing in the  x,y,z axis (Tu me ergo sum ego - You are me, therefore I am You - Oneness) We are all One, We are all the same person, Oneness - Super Ego. 

- Is 3DA Experienced as "Past, Present and Future? -  ESP and or Telepathy?" - Super Ego - Oneness, Awareness of a Conscious God?

Then 4 Dimensional Awareness, (4DA) is (God Consciousness).  Which I would speculate, You would defiantly know better than me, Awareness of Awareness of Awareness of Awareness, existing in the x,y,z,g axis, God Consciousnesses, Deus mihi, sed Deo sum - God is Me, But I am not God or Deus omnia mea, sed non omnia mihi Dei - God is all of Me, But I am not all of God, and so on, I am going from my own experience, you could change it to your understanding of God or Higher Level Conscious Awareness. 

- Is 4DA Experienced as "Eternity? Everything all at once and at the same time?" - Super Oneness - Awareness of  Experiencing a God Consciousness?

Science needs to measure things.  So how do we measure all of this, an EEG perhaps, MRI or Body Chemistry? Awareness is a funny thing, how can someone measure experience. To keep it simple I would measure with a positive and a negative scale. If Single level awareness is on the x axis then we would have a negative experience or a positive experience, and Zero, 0 would be no experience in that dimension of Awareness.  Zero, 0 would be death or indifference in that dimension of awareness.
Lets say Pleasure is in the Positive Scale on the X Axis, Pleasure being Perhaps LOVE, (Love Hormones) and perhaps Pain/Fear on the negative scale.  FEAR, (A.C.T.H.).  This is super over simplifying, but the best descriptions can sometimes start from the simpler descriptions.  So a -10 would be a really BAD experience (Hell) and a +10 a Wonderful Experience (Heaven). How can we measure these positive and negative experiences? Perhaps measure the chemicals the body produces when it experiences Pain/Fear or Pleasure/Love?

I use Love and Fear because of an old story where a monk I believe it was over 100 years ago said there were 2 experiences that all feelings come from, these experiences were Love and FearFrom Love we experience, Joy, Freedom, Hope, Oneness...From Fear we experience Hate, Slavery, Hopelessness, makes sense rationally at least, and I didn't come up with that description, a very wise monk meditating for probably years while his body produced DMT and he gained the insight that Carl Jung spoke and this genus monk developed those 2 Root Experiences, (Love and Fear).  So I would use Love and Fear on the scale, Zero, 0 would perhaps be death or indifference. So with Positive and Negative we have Yin and Yang, Black and White, Love and Fear, Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil.

Perhaps we could measure the ACTH (Fear Hormone) as well as whatever the LOVE Hormone is, is it MDMA? Does the body naturally produce MDMA? this a possibility? Perhaps this inspired you into seeing another description.
So can one measure Awareness using Love/Pleasure on the Positive scale, and Fear/Pain on the Negative scale? Someone on a psychology forum told me this is close to Metacognitive.

So we have 1 Dimensional Awareness (1DA), Awareness (x axis) = Experience. Mindfulness, living in the moment, no past, no future just the NOW, Perhaps no sense of Self. 

- Is 1DA experienced as the "Present?"

Then 2 Dimensional Awareness (2DA), Awareness of Awareness (x,y axis) = Consciousnesses. I think therefore I am, I am separate from you and you me, sense of Self. 

- Is 2DA Experienced as the "Past and the Present?"

Then 3 Dimensional Awareness (3DA), Awareness of Awareness of Awareness (x,y,z axis) = Oneness. I am you therefore you are me, (I call it Super Consciousnesses) Sense of Oneness. 

- Is 3DA Experienced as "Past, Present and Future? -  ESP, Telepathy?" 

Then 4 Dimensional Awareness (4DA), Awareness of Awareness of Awareness of Awareness, (x y,z,g axis) = God Consciousness. God is all of me, but I am not all of God or, God IS me But I am NOT GOD! 

- Is this Experience what we call "Eternity?- Everything all at once and at the same time?"

Could there be a Super God Consciousnesses, 5 dimensions of Awareness? I feel we are all one and there are no original Ideas, so if I got this from the collective unconscious then it is ALL of our Idea.  Is this a new Psychology?

So in 3 Dimensions of Awareness, "You are Me".   I do not experience this Oneness all the time, sometimes I do.  Thing is we can all experience this as we are all one because in the eyes of each other we are each other, and in the eyes of God we are all One.

This is all Instinctive, if you get this you are "One", if you struggle with this find out why you are struggling. 

On Line, different people are describing very similar descriptions of Awareness, Oneness...

We are All One

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