"If stars radiate Energy = E, E = mc^2 can 

Black Holes radiate Dark Energy or Space-Time = V,

V = mc^3 or V = Ec"

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation. --HERBERT SPENCER"

This writing will describe Dark Energy, Space-Time, Existence, Micro energy or whatever it is we exist in shooting out of black holes at Quasar Galaxy’s.  From now on the term Space-Time will be referred to throughout this writing . 

When scientists first discovered the faster than light motion from quasar jet streams, different models were of course developed to describe this motion.  Quasar Jet streams are created from black holes in the mist of gobbling up a star then spitting out what it can't fit inside of it.  A super hot gas is shot through the jet streams from these black holes at sometimes faster than light velocity's. Quasars are the brightest objects in the known universe. They have baffled science since the faster than light motion was discovered back in the 1950's.  Every time new data is developed the models change yet again.


Below are 2 youtube videos showing Quasar Jet Streams as we think of them today.  These are Artist and Physicist perceptions of Black holes shooting out jet streams. 



Below are 3 Thought Experiments describing Energy Creating Space-Time shooting out of black holes. 


1'st Thought Experiment...at the Beach

1. Imagine a Black Beach Ball with 2 pressure release valves, one on the top and one on the bottom.  This beach ball is floating above the sand at chest level for you to play with.   

2. You can throw a small hand full of sand into the black beach ball, from your perspective the ball only gets heaver, more massive from a gravity angle.  You keep throwing sand into it, it keeps getting heaver, but the pressure release valves remain closed.  

3. If you could peer into the Beach Ball you would see a vast space, huge and massive.  The more sand (Energy) you throw in, the more Space-Time the inside has, the outside doesn't change at all, or perhaps very little.

4. Now you grab a big, really big bucket of sand and throw the sand into the ball from the bucket.  Not all of this bucket of sand can fit inside of this little beach ball all at once, so some of whatever can't fit is expelled through the weakest links, the top and the bottom pressure release valves.

5. The more massive the Beach Ball is the more sand it can suck up before the pressure release valves open.  

2'nd Thought Experiment...Relaxing in your Cosmic Swimming Pool

1.  Your in a huge swimming pool (a cosmic swimming pool) and there are lots of floating jets in the pool, they are scattered like galaxy's, at the bottom in the middle and top of the pool.  The jets I am describing are like the jets you feel when you put your back against the wall of the swimming pool to message your back.  Only these Jets are scattered everywhere in the pool and like the Beach Ball above they have top and bottom pressure release valves.

2. The pool volume of the cosmic swimming pool is getting greater as these jets fill the swimming pool to higher and higher levels and the cosmic pool expands.

3.  The jets spewing out a lot of water push other jets away from them as their area fills up and the cosmic pool expands further.

4.  Jets only spewing out a little water may at times appear to be pushed together from the force of the stronger jets or appear to have slower expansion away from one another.

5. The more uniform the jet flow the more uniform the expansion, the less uniform the jet flow the less uniform the expansion of the cosmic swimming pool.

3'rd Thought Experiment...

still in the Cosmic Swimming Pool...

1. You notice a tiny lint partial from your cut off jeans, you watch this lint partial as it slowly sinks to the bottom, it has a slow terminal velocity.

2. You then notice a bunch of lint partial`s in one of the jet streams, these lint partial are traveling faster than any lint partial in the pool outside of Jet streams.  These particles appear to be breaking the law.

3.  The lint partial in the jet stream isn't breaking any laws, it's terminal velocity is still the same relative to other lint particles inside of the jet stream, but it appears to be traveling faster than light, I mean, faster than it`s terminal velocity.

"What about the Units they don't work?... 

Black Holes can't create Space Time!"...

What about the Units they don't work?  Black holes can't create space time!  Nag nag nag. You may ask yourself these and other questions, I asked myself the same questions, trust me every question you can come up with I bet I asked, I have been working on this for 25 years.  We have Faster Than Light motion coming from Quasar Jet Streams, yet our hands are tied in other proven theory, come on this is getting out of hand, is V = mc^3???  Does Energy create Dark Energy? 

Perhaps it is something fundamentally so simple I will shake my head and say, "why didn't you think of that"?  I have been trying to find the weak link in the “concept”, not so much the formula, off and on for the last 25 Years.  I have sent the idea to ever physicist on earth, all over earth, I mean everywhere, only one reply, Thank you.

"Does Energy create Space-Time,

possibly the "Energy" that allows things to happen,

Existence itself?"...

If Energy "E", falls into a black hole at the speed of light "c" can it create dark energy V, V  = Ec = mc^3.  Can Some dark energy at times come out of the black hole through it's jet streams, this would depended on the mass of the black hole and the amount of energy falling in over time.  The bigger the black hole and the more energy falling in, the faster the jet streams and more dark energy (perhaps time?) is created pushing things away from one another filling the cosmic swimming pool of our universe up by making objects in it deeper and further away from us appearing to be travailing faster than light at greater distances, is it the creation of time that allows it (mass or energy) to be travailing faster than light in the currents of newly created time or existence.     So...Can a mass (kg) times a speed of light cubed (meters cubed divided by second's cubed) be what we know as existence? OR can a mass (kg) times a speed of light cubed (meters cubed divided by second's cubed) Times a Lorentz Factor Squared, be what we know as Existence? (I am bad with math so please don`t flame me with the Lorentz Factor Squared thing)...Can it be this simple? 

In Using this model...

  1. As energy falls into the black hole, can it create Space-Time = V, V = mc^3 or V = Ec.
  2. Gravitational mass of the black hole can only contain so much Space-Time, there is a relation to the amount of gravitational mass being able to containing the Space-Time.
  3. Any surplus Space-Time is spit out through the North and South jet streams. 
  4. If a massive amount of Energy falls in, (more than the black hole can absorb), the faster the jet streams travel.
It is all in how you look on it.  Science isn't perfect we all know this. The system of Science from a system design and analysis point of view can be improved in many ways, while totally revamped in others. 

Here is an example of where science messed up and went wrong because You Monkey's never questioned the chalk board, or if you did you were scoffed at, this is called indoctrination, wake up, this is mind control.  This is the main reason  it took a thousands of years for "Tau" to develop and replace "Pi".

Check out the Video of where the application of Pi has been the incorrect symbol used by mathematicians, and now Finally Tau Replaces Pi in all major Formulas, thus making them more Elegant and Simple!

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