I am a psychic and I saw this in a vision over the summer of 2011, http://www.torontosun.com/2012/02/02/ontario-child-porn-raids-net-60-arrests

In order to gain public support for the construction of psychological torture chambers, it is speculated that the Authority’s will be performing mass sweeps on users on the internet downloading horrific child pornography. Authority's on a constant basis monitor Google for child porn and other dangerous unhealthy behaviour, they then get the sites blocked in minuets if not seconds. For years people have been using Google as a filter to prevent them from seeing Child Pornography. It is speculated that the Authority's have set up their own servers and have recently taken the Breaks off of Google. People that never would ever have visited child porn sites have been fooled into thinking the site was safe and that it wasn't child pornography, most avoided the sites but the IP address were recorded.


It is Speculated that most of these men ARE NOT Pediophiles!  It is Speculated that this is just a tatic to gain public support to construct more prisons and greater control of the internet.  It is Speculated that these men are Victoms of a Government with No concern for them or their familys well being, this is a Horrific tradegy. 

It is speculated that this plan was put into place by the Authority’s months back as a red herring to frighten the public that there is a epidemic of paedophiles, (which there is NOT), when there in fact is not. It is speculated that they set up computer servers not being blocked by Google with questionable images on these servers. They essentially took the breaks off of Google and began logging IP Addresses of people surfing porn directing them to Authority driven servers with questionable images. If the speculation is correct this is the most evil form of entrapment ever devised, its main strategy is believed that people will not defend paedophiles and that it will help the authority's get the Prisons they need to Torture these Evil Bad People. But Prisons aren't torture, prisons are an easy ride, so most people are lead to believe, the simple fact is Prisons are a means of the Elite psychologically torturing a human being till the human Breaks and becomes so mentally ill, they need psychological help, keeping you and your slave children in line to the Elite.


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